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Wooden structures

The term wooden structure refers to houses made primarily of wood – which includes a much wider range of buildings besides the traditional log cabins. Wooden houses owe their current popularity to the affordability as well as their environmental-friendliness and the ease and speed of construction.

Thanks to its unique features, wood has been used as a construction material since time immemorial. Its main advantage with regards to environmental-friendliness is the energy savings thanks to the ease of processing; in turn, it also helps reduce the mining of non-renewable resources, decreases damage to the landscape and the environment, reduces excess spoil and freight and, in turn, the NOx, SO2 and CO2 emissions. 

Another great advantage of wooden constructions is the possibility to pre-make the wooden parts in order to speed up the construction on site. A wooden family house is usually constructed within three months; a construction using pre-made parts can be completed in a single month. 

Wooden houses can be constructed all year round.

The so-called modern types of wooden structures include baluster, skeletal and panel constructions. The panel construction jacketed with plywood or the OSB (waferboard) panels is the most widespread type on the Czech market. The thermal insulation is usually provided by styrofoam or mineral fibres. The durability of the material is 150 – 200 years. A fire-resistance of up to 90 minutes has been proven during testing.

Wood is also unique in the many possible ways it can be used within a construction: it can serve as the bearing construction, the wall and ceiling covering, the floor itself, the staircase, furniture, etc. It is also easy to process and is suited to be used alongside modern technologies. These features, its warmth and the natural feel, as well as the fact that wood is a green, energy-efficient and renewable recource, and that new wooden materials are being developed, make it without exaggeration the construction material for the 21st century.